Lacona, overlooking the south coast of the island, is today one of the most famous and most visited bays of the island of Elba.
The large bay is protected in the west by Capo Fonza and in the east by Capostella. It is one of the longest beaches on the island of Elba. The beach is about one kilometer from fine white sand with a gently sloping seabed. Thanks to these characteristics, Lacona is also suitable for families with children and water sportsmen.
The sandy shore is one of the last dune landscape of the whole Tuscan archipelago, rich in native and rare plant species, such as the yellow poppy, chamomile and sea lilies (pancratium maritimum). This unique habitat is now protected by the National Park of the Tuscan Archipelago. For this reason, a national park center was opened in Lacona, where children’s workshops are offered. Natur-themed events are organized here.

Discover the Loggerhead Sea Turtles (Caretta caretta) on Elba Island
Elba Island is a special refuge for the Loggerhead sea turtles, fascinating yet vulnerable marine creatures. These turtles choose our beaches, such as the enchanting Lacona, to lay their eggs, a sign of the richness of our marine ecosystem.
During the 2023 season, we had the honor of witnessing a significant nesting event on Lacona beach, which led to the birth of numerous hatchlings. These moments are crucial for the conservation of the Caretta caretta species and underscore the importance of protecting our natural environment.

The services of Lacona are: pharmacy, supermarket, cash dispensers, restaurants, bars, beaches, car rental, motorcycle rental and bicycle rental, diving center, windsurf rental.

Margidore: to the east of Lacona beach is the bay of Margidore, which has a beach of about 400 meters. It consists of dark gravel and is a viable alternative to the fine sand.
There is a small tourist port, which offers services for small sports boats.

Laconella: on the western side of the Lacona beach, is located between the rocks of the pretty Laconella beach. It is a small tongue with golden sand and can be easily reached by walking through a path.